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Sample Development

We are happy to create and work on your sampling. Below is how we take up sampling work.

Sample development is important phase in which our customers are able to convey their requirements very clearly and on the contrary we are able to understand the product.

We know sample development is difficult, takes time, effort and money because the time it takes to create two pair of custom samples, complete order of approximately couple of hundred PCs can be processed. But we still charge very nominal fee for this service so to retain customer in a hope that we will get the order for a successful sample.

Sample Development Process

1. Sampling Charges

Custom Scarf Sample Development Charges for two PCs

Description Cost
Scarf Cloth 50 x 180 cm £10
Print (Custom Print*) £30
Stitching £10
Packaging & Admin Charges £20
Courier Charges* £10
Total £80
Any Further Custom Change £20 for any additional change

*Custom Print – you will provide us print details either by email or sending the scarf to our UK Office at 2 Weir Place, Staines, TW18 3NB.
Custom Napkin Ring Sample Development Charges (Set of 4) for two sets.

Description Cost
Metal or Product Material (4 x 6 cm) £20
Print or Finish £20
Packaging & Admin Charges £10
Courier £15
Total £65
Any Further Custom Change £20 for any additional change

2. Provide Detail & Send your sample to us

We recommend you will provide us your sample for details by sending to our UK office.

3. We work on your Samples

Once we received your sample and cleared sampling charges, (please contact us for our bank details) in our bank we will start working and notify you about the progress of the development. In this step any further customization may be accepted depending upon the possibility but it requires a charge of £20.

4. Samples ready to courier to you

We will let you know once the samples are ready to be shipped, depending upon the courier service and address it may take 6 to 7 working days or more to reach.

We will create two PC’s or Sets so one will be couriered to you and one will be retained by us, so at the time of order we know what to produce.

Hope that is enough information to start with the sample development but please do not hesitate to contact us at info@rosellacollections.com if you may have any further query

Please note: We will do our best endeavour to match with your sample but we cannot guarantee an exact replica of the product. Sample Amount is non-refundable in any circumstances.